Heavy Lift


ILC Dover has applied its Lighter-Than-Air technology to the development and fabrication of heavy lift vehicles for three decades.

We have developed durable envelope structure laminates capable of providing high tear-strength while keeping structural mass to a minimum.

Lighter-Than-Air Technology

By utilizing the lift generated by a helium-filled LTA vehicle in tandem with the aerodynamic lift of a hybrid structure, heavy loads can be transported in an economical manner with vehicles requiring little existing infrastructure.

Experience for LEMV

ILC Dover developed and produced the envelope structure for the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle. It was designed to provide extended ISR coverage by carrying higher mass payload sensors to high altitudes for long periods.

The LEMV is the world’s largest-existing hybrid vehicle and is being evaluated as a heavy lift vehicle at lower operational altitudes. ILC Dover performed the following activities for the LEMV heavy lift vehicle program:

  • Detailed design
  • Materials development
  • Production
  • Field support

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