Paper IBC


ILC Dover’s paper Intermediate Bulk Container is a dependable, economical, and environmentally responsible alternative to drums, bottle-in-cage, and other “heavy footprint” types of Intermediate Bulk Containers.

ILC Dover’s Paper IBC leverages Grayling™ form fit liners, which are constructed of FDA-approved materials in our IMS, Kosher, and FSSC22000 certified manufacturing facility. The Paper IBC is capable of withstanding up to 10,000 lbs. of compression force and is ideal for the following applications and products.

Food & Beverage

Sauces, syrups, tomato paste, juices, and concentrates


Fluid products, hydrogenated milk fat

Personal Care

Gels and liquids


Liquid colorants, inks and additives


Parts and intermediate product storage

Why Paper IBCs from ILC Dover?

Product Protection

The Paper IBC container has passed the stringent ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) vibration and shock tests and has met the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) requirements for Intermediate Bulk Containers for liquids. The heavy duty nine ply Paper IBC container is capable of withstanding up to 10,000 lbs. of compression force.


Unlike 55-gallon drums and other IBCs, there are no cleaning expenses or return freight costs associated with the Paper IBC. Additionally, 80% less storage space is required to inventory the unassembled containers.

Environmentally Responsible

The Paper IBC is constructed of a renewable resource and is completely recyclable and biodegradable. The container is a “one-way” package, so there are no fossil fuels consumed to return the package after dispensing and there is no landfill space consumed either, as the container is biodegradable, recyclable, and waste-to-energy efficient.


Paper IBC for Bulk Liquid Storage and Transportation


Paper IBC 1000L/265 gal


Paper IBC 275G GMA Pallet Footprint

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