Sentinel EZ BioHood™


ILC Dover’s Sentinel EZ BioHood offers 100x the protection of an N-95 mask, providing superior respiratory protection to healthcare workers on the frontline and enabling them to provide continued care to patients.

The hood’s unique design makes it intuitive to use, easy to clean and store, and workers do not need to be fit-tested to wear it effectively.

It has a breathable neck cuff, can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, and provides exceptional visibility, enabling healthcare workers to provide effective and continued care to patients. Sentinel EZ BioHood™ is NIOSH-approved as a loose-fitting hood designed to work with the ILC Dover Sentinel XL® blower system.

Watch the Sentinel EZ BioHood™ Donning Video

Learn how to properly wear the Sentinel EZ BioHood™ to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

Why Sentinel EZ BioHood™ from ILC Dover?

Superior PPE

1,000 APF* provides 100x the protection of an N-95.

Wide Range of View

Features a wraparound Clear Visor for superior visibility.

No Fit-Testing Required for Wearers

Adjustable up to 5 sizes in 1 single-size product.

Comfortable to Wear for Long Operations

Breathable, loose-fitting neck cuff; internal head band provides good stability; provides ability to use stethoscope.

Easy to Store

Compact, lay flat design frees storage space by 50%.

*Based on manufacturer data


Sentinel EZ BioHood™


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