ILC Dover’s new assisted-dispense liners for viscous liquids

Millions of dollars are lost annually due to scrapped product that simply cannot be extracted from disposable form-fit liners during bulk processing. XPressAir™ is our assisted-dispense liner designed for more efficient dispensing of bulk liquids from intermediate bulk containers, proven to maximize product yield and profit.

XPressAir™ liners have specially designed bladders filled with air that push viscous product towards the discharge pump, keeping it from being trapped in the corners of the IBC. Once the XPressAir™ liner is inserted in the IBC, it is filled with liquid product just like any other form-fit liner. As product is pumped from the IBC, specially designed air bladders inflate to fill the corners of the IBC and push the product towards the discharge port.


Food & Beverage

Sauces, syrups, dressings and flavorings


Personal Care

Gels, lotions, shampoos and toners



Liquid colorants, inks and additives


Why XPressAir™ from ILC Dover?

Increases Yield & Profit

Unlike pillow or standard form-fit liners, XPressAir™ liners keep product from being trapped in the corners of the IBC during dispensing to decrease product residual, increase product yield, and maximize profit.

Reduces Operator Labor

XPressAir™ liners ensure that liquid is continuously presented to the discharge pump without continuous manual operator manipulation.

Works With Any Viscosity

XPressAir™ liners work with any viscosity liquid, though the greatest residual reduction results are achieved with viscosity liquids up to 250,000 cps.

Uses Existing Equipment

XPressAir has a supplied regulator kit that connects with your existing plant air to inflate the bladders. The system will work with your current positive displacement diaphragm or piston pumps.


XPressAir™ Assisted-Dispense Liner

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