Technical Library

  • Pharm/Biopharm

    14″ Diameter Continuous Liner Systems
    312.65 KB
    23″ Diameter Continuous Liner Systems
    450.45 KB
    ArmorFlex® 104 Film
    162.67 KB
    ArmorFlex® 110 Film
    165.54 KB
    ArmorFlex® 113 Film
    178.84 KB
    ArmorFlex® 114 Film
    70.79 KB
    ArmorFlex® 116
    71.45 KB
    ArmorFlex® Family of Films
    206.30 KB
    ArmorFlex® FAQ
    167.04 KB
    Bag In/Bag Out System
    125.33 KB
    Charging Using DoverPac®
    245.46 KB
    Clean Room Certification Letter
    391.92 KB
    Clean Room Official Certificate
    545.31 KB
    Coaxial Neck DoverPac®
    1.10 MB
    Commercial Terms & Conditions
    132.47 KB
    Contained Blending Flexible Enclosure
    234.25 KB
    Contained Blending Transfer Sleeve
    189.67 KB
    Contained Offloading of Aurora Filters
    346.54 KB
    204.40 KB
    Document Transfer Enclosure
    641.23 KB
    331.87 KB
    DoverPac® Clamp
    581.28 KB
    DoverPac® Film Brochure
    7.06 MB
    DoverPac® SF
    1,021.38 KB
    DoverPac® vs. Big Bag
    164.38 KB
    Drum Sampling Enclosure System
    349.50 KB
    Drum Sampling FAQ
    1.03 MB
    Drum Transfer System
    2.00 MB
    EZ BioPac® Brochure
    316.06 KB
    Ez BioPac® Powder Brochure
    4.24 MB
    EZ BioPac® Powder White Paper
    9.34 MB
    Flexible Containment Technologies
    356.87 KB
    Flexible Containment White Paper
    1.91 MB
    1.23 MB
    G2Pac Brochure
    827.86 KB
    Granulator Containment Technology
    210.34 KB
    ILC Dover Sentinel CBRN Spec Sheet
    450.70 KB
    Jet Mills
    259.10 KB
    JetVent™ Brochure
    3.71 MB
    Mill Containment System
    179.52 KB
    Offloading Using DoverPac®
    297.64 KB
    Process Area Barrier Carriers
    Process Train Containment
    270.53 KB
    PST Jet Injector Brochure
    3.72 MB
    PST Jet Injector White Paper
    511.42 KB
    Sentinel Clear™
    928.54 KB
    Sentinel Clear™ XT Donning
    3.57 MB
    Tablet Coater
    187.27 KB
    Tray Dryer Enclosure Technology
    190.10 KB
    Validated Performance
    260.24 KB
    Weigh and Dispense System
    738.17 KB
  • Packaging Solutions

    ILC Dover Bulk Packaging Brochure
    1.37 MB
    ILC Dover Bulk Packaging Solutions for Wine, Cider and Juice
    304.25 KB
    ILC Dover Bulk Packaging Solutions-Resin
    1.04 MB
    ILC Dover Grayling™ Drum Liners
    277.51 KB
    ILC Dover Paper IBC Brochure
    165.25 KB
    ILC Dover Paper IBC Pallet Specification Brochure
    159.27 KB
    ILC Dover Xtrakt® LV Brochure
    477.84 KB
    ILC Dover Xtrakt®-Dispensing Liquid System Brochure
    345.02 KB
  • Personal Protection

    Chemturion Brochure
    343.65 KB
    ILC Dover SCape CO/CBRN30 Industrial Brochure
    795.08 KB
    ILC Dover SCapeCO-CBRN Spec Sheet
    460.40 KB
    ILC Dover Sentinel Clear™ XT Brochure
    663.65 KB
    ILC Dover Sentinel XL HP Spec Sheet
    1.37 MB
    ILC Dover Sentinel XL® CBRN Brochure
    901.57 KB
    ILC Dover Sentinel XL® HP PAPR System Brochure
    503.11 KB
    SCape® CO/CBRN Brochure
    6.89 MB
    SCape® Expanded Chemical Chart
    367.87 KB
    Sentinel BioShield™ Head Cover
    992.73 KB
    Sentinel CBRN PAPR Instruction Manual
    4.71 MB
    Sentinel CBRN Q&A
    264.57 KB
    Sentinel Conversion Kit
    960.58 KB
    Sentinel XT Non-Incendive
    1.04 MB
    Sentinel XT Overview Presentation
    1.50 MB
    Sentinel XT System
    928.54 KB
  • Asbestos Abatement

    Avail Glovebag Directional Brochure
    308.47 KB
    Avail Glovebag System Brochure
    2.48 MB
    Avail QuickTwist Glovebag System
    3.34 MB
    D-Con Brochure
    1.97 MB
    Hi-Temp Glovebag Brochure
    3.34 MB
    Hi-Temp Glovebag Instructions
    355.99 KB
  • Flood Protection

    Commercial Real Estate Flood Protection
    195.61 KB
    Flex-Cover™ Brochure
    105.35 KB
    Flex-Gate™ Award Press Release – April 2015
    253.00 KB
    Flex-Wall® Animation
    47.46 MB
    Portal Flex-Gate™ Brochure
    117.51 KB
    Resilient Tunnel Plug Brochure
    157.45 KB
    Stairwell Flex-Gate™ Brochure
    137.72 KB
  • Aerospace

    Lighter-Than-Air Brochure
    1.73 MB
  • Supplier Documents

    A-2 Standard Provisions for Govt Contracts
    147.24 KB
    D-2 Provisions for Defense Contracts
    13.79 KB
    ILC Dover Certificate ISO 90012015 and AS9100
    69.45 KB
    ILC Dover Small Business Policy
    402.94 KB
    ILC Form 328, Quality Systems Procurement Clauses
    149.94 KB
    ISO 9001 – 2015
    222.12 KB
    N-2 Standard Provisions For Nasa Contracts
    97.40 KB
    Standard ILC Dover Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
    48.50 KB