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Space Inflatables

Inflatable products for use in space

ILC Dover is the world's leader for developing and manufacturing inflatable structures for use in earth orbit, lunar, or planetary exploration. We have decades of experience in the design, test, and production of highly reliable products for a variety of applications in space for NASA and defense customers. We have leveraged our Project Apollo space suit experience and our many technologically innovative inflatable designs to create new and exciting products for space exploration.

Our space products have been used in a variety of space missions from specialized flexible containment covers that protected the Hubble Space Telescope, to impact attenuation airbag systems used on the Mars Pathfinder & Mars Exploration Rover missions, to IRVE that demonstrated the first successful flight of an Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator. Our products, materials development, and technology solutions can be used to enhance any phase of your programs. ILC has solutions for your manufacturing & test activities, ground support equipment, or flight systems.

ILC has proven systems & processes that ensure the highest level of quality and a track record of 100% success on our space missions. Our reliability & safety meets or exceeds all government & NASA requirements in human rated and unmanned systems. We have extensive experience with applied research to create solutions to challenging needs. Our end-to-end capabilities include:

  •  Systems Engineering
  •  Design (including human integration)
  •  Materials development & testing (structures & MLI/MMOD covers)
  •  Structural & dynamic analysis (including non-linear)
  •  Manufacture (softgoods, hardware & composites)
  •  Test, Evaluation & 
  •  Vehicle Integration
  •  Flight Support