Push the boundaries of possibility and protect the lives of those brave enough to perform the world’s most daring missions with protective aerospace solutions from ILC Dover.

As the primary supplier of spacesuits for NASA since the Apollo, our aerospace solutions, including spacesuits, inflatable space habitats, landing airbags, airships, and beyond, provide critical protection to people and aircraft through our mix of highly technical and logistical expertise.

The Leader in Spacesuit Technology

ILC Dover combines innovation with a storied past. Our success has been measured by those we’ve returned to earth safely over 50+ years of space travel. With each mission, we discover more, do more, and innovate the functionality, effectiveness, and safety of our aerospace products and programs.

250 Space Flights

6 Moon Landings

3,000 Hours of Spacewalks

We’re Going Back to the Moon and onto Mars

Commercial space flight is opening the universe to all of humanity, and ILC Dover has the proven spacesuit technology to protect the explorers who will travel beyond earth to space. Explore our Launch, Entry, and Abort (LEA) and Extravehicular Activity (EVA) spacesuits.

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What Type of Space Protection Do you Need?

Lighter Than Air

ILC Dover develops a multitude of lighter than air blimp and aerostats. Explore our experience and programs for tethered aerostats, passenger airships, high-altitude airships, and heavy lift structures.

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Space Habitats

Discover our standard-setting inflatable habitats, airlocks, and shelters for earth orbit and planetary exploration.

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Spacecraft Landing Systems

Discover our world-leading space landing systems, including Impact Bags.

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Discover our Launch Entry & Abort (LEA) and Extravehicular Activity (EVA) spacesuits.

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Astro Suit

Legal Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet Letter

Sol Suit

ILC Dover Habitat

Astro EVA Spacesuit – Pose

Astro EVA Spacesuit – Moon

Astro EVA Spacesuit – Helmet Off

Astro EVA Spacesuit – Lab

Astro EVA Spacesuit – Mobility

ILC Dover Facility – Frederica

Habitat Short

Habitat Wide

Boeing Starliner Drop Test

Impact Bags

SOL LEA Spacesuit – Seated

SOL LEA Spacesuit – Side

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