Pharmaceutical Solutions

Biomanufacturing professional transfers powder into one of ILC Dover's single-use flexible intermediate bulk containers

Pharmaceutical Solutions

ILC Dover is a global supplier of flexible, modular, single-use pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions for sterile and aseptic pharma processing.

Our proven single-use technology for cGMP pharma processes and containment enable contract manufacturing organizations to protect operators as they develop highly potent APIs.  Our flexible pharmaceutical process engineering and containment solutions can maximize product output while reducing capital and cleaning costs, from chemical repacks to oral solid dosage, without compromising continuous manufacturing or operator safety. Explore how our custom solutions support the handling and transportation of buffers, media, acids, and bases.

API & OSD Manufacturing Solutions

Suitable for all raw material handling, chemical synthesis, and oral solid dosage manufacturers. Explore specific applications.

Superior Single-Use Technology for Powder Containment

ILC Dover is 100% focused on containing your pharma processes to get your drug to market fast, safe, and pure. Our single-use powder containment solutions leverage flexible manufacturing and our patented, industry-leading ArmorFlex® films to deliver extreme durability for a lower cost.

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Flexible containment isolator, also known as a glove bag, attached to a single-use container and drum transfer system

Chemical Synthesis

We keep operators safe and productive during HPAPI synthesis with containment solutions for HPAPI powder transfer, milling and blending, dispensing, and hot melt extrusion. cGMP chemicals can be prefilled in liquid bags with trusted weights for optimal chemical repacks.

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Custom Solutions for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

At ILC Dover, we don’t just sell pharmaceutical manufacturing products. We provide fully custom solutions for pharma processes from concept to production. Our process engineers are prepared to help you through contract development, solution customization, or production configuration.

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Aerial view of a biomanufacturing professional with personal protective equipment handling powders under a clear film

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