ILC Dover’s Sentinel XL® CBRN powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) system is specifically designed for the emergency preparedness decon team wearers.

As a NIOSH-approved loose fitting CBRN PAPR, our system has been specifically tested to withstand the harshest threats. Our PAPRs systems and accessories are Latex-Free and conversion kits are available to transform the CBRN system into an infectious disease application.


  • Hospital Decon Teams
  • Hospital First Receiver Teams
  • Military Warfare agents
  • Biologic Threats
  • Industrial Chemical Threats
  • Nuclear Particulate Threats

Why CBRN PAPRs from ILC Dover?

2x Protection

Delivers twice the protection of any other loose fitting CBRN PAPR (CAP 2 vs. CAP 1 NIOSH rating).

Rechargeable Batteries

Available with two battery options: rechargeable and exclusive alkaline battery packs to increase readiness and save you money on replacement batteries.

Safety Features

Low voltage alarm (audible and visible) for increased safety.

Smart Design

Integral battery pack eliminates snagging potential and improves deconability.

No Fit Testing

Unique lay flat hood with adjustable headband delivers superior protection and comfort with no fit testing required.


Hood is sewn and taped; visor is impact resistant and made of optical grade polycarbonate.

Ergonomic Options

Ergonomic backpack and Quick-Loc belt mounting options available.

Dual Purpose Backpack

Backpack doubles as carrier and blower suspension system.


Sentinel XL CBRN PAPR System Brochure


Sentinel XL CBRN PAPR Spec Sheet


Sentinel XL Conversion Kits