Escape Respirators


ILC Dover’s escape respirators delivers on-demand protection from a broad range of threats, including carbon monoxide.

Our SCape® CO/CBRN30 system has the same distinguished pedigree. As the only NIOSH-approved air-purifying escape respirator with a powered ventilation system, SCape provides 30 minutes of protection from carbon monoxide, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contaminants.


  • Government workers
  • Chemical processing workers
  • Control room operators
  • Chemical storage facility personnel
  • Travelers to high risk regions
  • Pipeline workers
  • Military dependents

Woman wears ILC Dover's SCape® CO/CBRN30 escape respirator system

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Learn why SCape® is the only escape mask certified to protect from carbon monoxide and other contaminants.

Why Escape Respirators from ILC Dover?

Lasting Protection

Delivers 30 minutes of protection against a broad range of threats, including carbon monoxide.

Assisted Activation

Blower activates when product is removed from package for increased protection and reduced physiological burden.

Universally Sized

Single-size unit eliminates logistics burden of using a sized product.

Positive Airflow

The system’s battery-operated blower provides positive airflow inside the respirator hood, eliminating the sense of claustrophobia, reducing panic, and allowing the wearer to stay in complete control.


No nose-cup or mouth-bit increases comfort and ability to see the wearer’s face.

Non-Intrusive Design

SCape users enjoy a panoramic field of view and can perform a wide range of critical tasks, such as using a cell phone or mobile radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of having an integral blower/filter combination?


How do you turn on the Scape blower?


How long does the escape respirator provide protection?



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