Personal Care

Personal Care

Personal care companies lose millions of dollars annually due to scrapped product that cannot be extracted from disposable form-fit liners.

Our bulk liquid liners and Xtrakt® liquid bulk dispensing system for lotions, creams, and gels, help cosmetic ingredient producers, contract packagers, and personal care manufacturers and processors significantly reduce waste, drive efficiency, and boost profits.

The award-winning Xtrakt® liquid bulk dispensing system provides more efficient dispensing of viscous liquids such as lotions, creams, and gels from Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and enhanced profit from the recovery of valuable residual product trapped in liners. Unlike manual, air-assisted systems, Xtrakt® liquid bulk dispensing system provides greater residual reduction, consistent results, reduced need for liner manipulation, no heavy residual to lift and dispense, and it can be operated by a single person resulting in less labor costs.


Creams, lipsticks, eye and facial makeup, and powders

Skin Care

Toners, micellar water, lotion, cleansers, and masks

Sun Care

Lotions, sunscreen, and after-sun treatments

Bath & Shower

Shower gels and body wash

Hair Care

Shampoos, conditioners, hair treatment, and styling products

Bulk Packaging Solutions for Personal Care Applications

Dry Form Fit Liners

Dry form fit liners are manufactured to your FIBCs dimensions to eliminate wasted space and stress points in the liner.

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Rigid IBC

Learn more about reusable IBCs that work in conjunction with our Grayling™ form-fit liners for efficiency in liquid bulk dispensing.

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Xtrakt® System

Xtrakt mitigates product loss while reducing processing time, environmental impact, and worker safety risks.

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Fill Bridges

Learn about our stainless-steel fill bridges for use with rigid IBCs and Paper Intermediate Bulk Containers.

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Valves, Connectors & Adapters

Learn about our valves, connectors, and adapter accessories designed to maximize your productivity.

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Liquid Pillow Liners

Liquid pillow liners are an economical packaging choice for liquid bulk materials in IBCs.

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Liquid Form Fit Liners

Grayling™ form fit liquid liners reduce labor, waste, and product residual during filling and dispensing.

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Anti-Static Drum Liners and Liners for FIBCs | L2 Liners

Anti-Static liners and liners for FIBCs are formulated to dissipate static charges from potentially flammable products.

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Drum Liners

Drum liners offer an economical solution to the expenses of cleaning or disposing of used drums.

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XPressAir™ is our assisted-dispense liner designed for more efficient dispensing of bulk liquids from intermediate bulk containers, proven to maximize product yield and profit.

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Xtrakt® System Brochure


Bulk Packaging Solutions – Personal Care

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