ILC Dover’s Asbestos Abatement Products Continue to Deliver Safety, Efficiency and Dependability

Industrial maintenance and rehabilitation projects regularly require some level of asbestos abatement and remediation. Staying safe and performing the job expertly requires a strong, dependable abatement partner.

ILC Dover’s Grayling Industries manufactures the leading brands for the asbestos abatement and remediation industry worldwide. Since 1986 the Avail® and Therm-Equip glove bags have been recognized for their safety, dependability and cost-effectiveness. ILC Dover engineers know that even the smallest lapse during an asbestos abatement project could shut down an entire project or plant for an extended period. We are not going to allow that to happen on our watch.

Avail® and Therm-Equip provide a secure, mini-containment area that fully protects workers during the removal of asbestos insulation from pipe, keeping them safe from the asbestos fibers that are linked to mesothelioma, a rare cancer and the lung disease asbestosis.

  • Avail® glove bags are regarded as high-performing, easy to use, safe and dependable for the removal of asbestos insulation from pipes. Avail® glove bags have been used to safely remove over 50 million feet of pipe insulation. The bags are made of an ultra-strong polyethylene which allows for good viewing of work area and the highest seal quality.Pre-cut tops with fitted collars eliminate the need to measure and cut the bag to fit the pipe. The bags come in a roll and can be cut off and used in sections as required.
  • Therm-Equip™ glove bags are designed specifically for the removal of asbestos from high temperature pipes. This is very beneficial to industries facing emergency repair and maintenance work as there is no need to shut down active pipes and ducts.

We understand the need for 100% reliability when contractors have to remediate asbestos. Product dependability is key. ILC Dover knows a thing or two about working with high performance materials – we are world leaders in the innovative design and production of engineered products employing high-performance flexible materials.

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