Bioprocessing Solutions by ILC Dover

Empowering Safer, Streamlined Bioprocessing Capabilities

From the industry’s most efficient and effective single-use powder transfer system to tried-and-true sterile liquid storage bags, ILC Dover products integrate perfectly with your bioprocessing workflows. If you’re looking for safer, faster, more efficient, and more effective, we’ve got a solution.

Redefine Reliability, Flexibility & Performance

Respected & Reliable

EZ BioPac®

We designed this purpose-built powder transfer system for faster fill times and precise weight adjustments.

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Convenient Containment

EZ BioPacZip™

Combining an industry-leading pedigree with a convenient zip-lock creates the ultimate powder transfer solution.

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Single-Use for Sterile Liquids

Liquid Single-Use Bags

Our highly configurable fluid storage and transfer bags are readily sourced for faster lead times.

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Rapid Turnaround.
Seamless Delivery.

ILC Dover has optimized manufacturing processes worldwide, significantly reducing lead times. Our efficient teams excel in handling short-notice orders, ensuring meticulous planning from the start. Ongoing investments guarantee timely deliveries, enhanced supply security, and top-notch quality—all while maintaining cost competitiveness.

  • Two-business-day rapid design process for a quick turnaround
  • In-facility testing before a purchasing decision is even made
  • Simplified vendor management with one provider of all supplies
  • Superior customization for every biopharma manufacturing facility

See Our Solutions in Action

EZ BioPac®

Discover why biopharmaceutical manufacturers trust EZ BioPac® for streamlined production.

EZ BioPacZip™

Learn how EZ BioPacZip™ reduces operator exposure and contamination risks.