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Space Habitats

  • ILC Dover continues to develop and manufacture a variety of inflatable habitats, air-locks and shelters for use in earth orbit and lunar / planetary exploration.
  • Our engineers & technicians have built upon Wernher von Braun’s vision of inflatable space habitats, the work conducted by NASA in the 1960’s, and our own work in space suits and high strength inflatable structures, to create deployable habitats for space exploration.
  • ILC has proven systems & processes that ensure the level of quality, reliability & safety to meet all spaceflight requirements. We perform the design & systems engineering, manufacture and test on site or at remote locations.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Lightweight and more compact to launch than a rigid habitat
    • Expands to provide a huge area to live and work
    • Provides radiation protection
    • Incorporates anti-microbial materials
    • Capable of multiple operational pressures
  • Applications

    • Low Earth Orbit
    • Cislunar Space
    • Surface of Moon and Mars
    • Transportation system for going to Mars
    • Air-lock system performing an EVA
  • Accessories

    • Self-healing bladder
    • Incorporation of Structural Health Monitoring
    • Internal hardware mounting and partition capability
    • Windows

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