Flex-Cover® Products

Flex-Cover® Products

ILC Dover’s near point-of-use flood protection solutions are within our Flex-Cover® collection. Flex-Cover® options are high-strength, lightweight coverings designed for rapid manual deployment.

Due to their lightweight and compact size, they require minimal storage space near the point-of-use but out of sight for enhanced aesthetics. They are constructed from high-strength textiles and can be designed for any size and shape opening.

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Why Flex-Cover® Solutions?

Cost Effective

Flex-Cover® solutions reduce storage, replacement, and labor costs for a lower total cost of ownership.


Flex-Cover® solutions are compact and flexible, requiring minimal storage near the point-of-use.

Simple Operation

Flex-Cover® solutions are designed for rapid deployment with quick and easy deployment steps.

Scalable Design

Flex-Cover® solutions can be designed for any size or shape that your infrastructure requires.

Robust Materials and Construction

Flex-Cover® solutions are manufactured with highly engineered fabrics and lightweight materials.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Flex-Cover® solutions can be stored out of sight, allowing for enhanced aesthetics of your infrastructure.

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