Point-of-Use Solutions

Point-of-Use Solutions

ILC Dover’s point-of-use flood protection solutions are within our Flex-Gate® collection.

Flex-Gates® are high-strength flexible walls that can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of a variety of buildings or infrastructure. They are constructed from high-strength textiles, utilize sturdy, corrosion-resistant mounting hardware, and are permanently mounted in a container at the opening.

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Why Flex-Gate® Solutions?

Point-of-Use Storage

Flex-Gate® solutions are stored at point-of-use for deployment and retraction in minutes.

Compact Storage

Flex-Gate® solutions can be stored in small volume containers due to their flexible fabric and design.

Minimal Down-Time

Flex-Gate® solutions are stored at point-of-use allowing for last-minute deployment when needed.

Rapid Deployment

Flex-Gate® solutions can be deployed and retracted in minutes with minimal manpower or equipment.

Scalable Design

Flex-Gate® solutions can be custom designed to fit a wide variety of openings and widths.

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