Connection Hardware


ILC Dover’s Multiple O-ring Canisters enable high containment connections for discharging, transporting, and charging potent compound powders throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

ILC Dover patented the use of Multiple O-ring Canisters to enable high containment connections for API powder handling systems. Progressively advancing to a new clean zone on a canister allows multiple powder transfers without breaking containment. The Multiple O-ring Canister is a key component of the ILC Dover high containment family of products, including DoverPac® Containment Systems, Continuous Liners, and the Bag In/Bag Out System.


  • Discharging of Compound Powders
  • Transporting of Compound Powders
  • Charging of Compound Powders
  • Connections from Vessels
  • Connections to Flexible Enclosure

See How Multiple O-Ring Canisters Work with DoverPac®

Learn how DoverPac® leverages Multiple O-ring canisters for charging, transporting, and discharging API powders.

Why Hardware Connections from ILC Dover?

Nanogram Performance

Demonstrated nanogram containment performance during task-based operations.

Durable Construction

Canisters are fabricated from 316L stainless steel.

Efficient Method

Saves time by allowing multiple powder transfer operations without breaking containment or having to wash the components.

Part Numbers

HW10395 – 12”, 5 liner canister kit

HW10396 – 12″, 10 liner canister kit

HW10397 – 8”, 5 liner canister kit

HW10398 – 8″, 10 liner canister kit

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