DoverPac® SF


DoverPac® SF is a global premier product for disposable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes.

DoverPac® SF is a single-use solution for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical powders, offering more than 99.5% product recovery for static-free charging and offloading applications. One of the key elements of DoverPac® SF is ArmorFlex® Films, custom-formulated by ILC Dover to deliver superior elongation performance (nearly 500%) for ruggedness and high strength. This feature, coupled with a unique blend of safe and effective antistatic additives, allows all DoverPac® SF products to deliver reliable high-level containment. DoverPac® SF also integrates with split butterfly valve technology for a more secure dispensing of powder.


  • Media & Buffer Prep for Dry Powder
  • Excipients
  • Filter Aids
  • High-Value Drug Substance
  • Powder Storage & Transfer
  • cGMP Processing

Watch to Learn More About DoverPac® SF

Learn about charging and discharging into a DoverPac® SF.

Why DoverPac® SF from ILC Dover?

99.5% Product Recovery

DoverPac® SF offers more than 99.5% product recovery.

Complete Discharge

ArmorFlex® 114 Film with a permanent antistatic allows for a 99.9% product recovery.

No Rinse or Cleaning

No need to wash down due to antistatic surface and no cleaning validation required.

Regulatory Friendly

ArmorFlex® 114 Film is used by most major pharmaceuticals and meets all regulatory compliance standards.

Part Numbers


SF001V-3A – DoverPac SF 1L, V-Fold, 3″ Non-gasket

SF001V-4B – DoverPac SF 1L, V-Fold, 4″ sanitary

SF005V-4B – DoverPac SF 5L, V-Fold, 4″ sanitary

SF010V-4B – DoverPac SF 10L, V-Fold, 4″ sanitary

SF025V-4B – DoverPac SF 25L, V-Fold, 4″ sanitary

SF050V-4B – DoverPac SF 50L, V-Fold, 4″ sanitary

SF050V-6B – DoverPac SF 50L, V-Fold, 6″ sanitary

SF001N-3A – DoverPac SF 1L, No Neck, 3″ Non-gasket

SF001N-4B – DoverPac SF 1L, No Neck, 4″ sanitary

SF005N-4B – DoverPac SF 5L, No Neck, 4″ sanitary

SF010N-4B – DoverPac SF 10L, No Neck, 4″ sanitary

SF025N-4B – DoverPac SF 25L, No Neck, 4″ sanitary

SF050N-4B – DoverPac SF 50L, No Neck, 4″ sanitary

SF050N-6B – DoverPac SF 50L, No Neck, 6″ sanitary

HW6148-01 – Lifting Bar, DoverPac SF 25L

HW6278-01 – Lifting Bar, DoverPac SF 50L & 100L


DoverPac® SF

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