Sentinel Clear XE™

Pharmaceutical professional wears ILC Dover's Sentinel Clear Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system for protection

ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear PAPR System designed for use in Europe’s pharmaceutical industry.

ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear™ Hood, combined with its XE blower, is a best-in-class powered air purifying
respirator (PAPR) that delivers a TH3 level of protection—the highest level available under EN 12941. Our Clear Hood solutions are superior when compared to other PAPR facepieces and hoods. They offer a full 320-degree field of view, allow the wearer to have facial hair and/or a head covering, and reduce feelings of claustrophobia. When paired with our lithium polymer battery, the XE blower weighs just 1 kg and delivers 220 LPM airflow for a full 12 hours.

Sentinel Clear XE™

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  • Sentinel XE™ Clear Hood
    • Suspended by airflow to eliminate pressure points
    • No head harness, permitting the head to move freely within the hood
    • One size fits all; no fit testing required
    • 320-degree field of view
    • Operator recognition from any angle to improve company security
  • Sentinel XE™ Blower/Battery
    • Delivers 220 LPM airflow for 12 hours on a single charge
    • Brushless motor design for a long lifespan and quiet operations
    • Lightweight integrated blower and lithium polymer battery at just 1 kg
    • Easy-to-read, external battery life indicator gauge to show charge level
    • Easy-to-use charging station that charges battery 100% in just 4-5 hours
  • Filter Cartridges
    • External filters allow replacement without opening the blower housing
    • Easy screw-in filters to ensure a tight seal every time
    • P R SL indicates this system is approved with a reusable particle filter for both solid and liquid particles and meets TH3 levels of protection per EN 12941
  • Waist Belt/Back Harness Options
    • Quick-loc decon belt that’s easy to use and clean
    • Ergonomic back harness that’s adjustable and ideal for seated applications
sentinel xe hood in use


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