Introducing the soloPURE™ Aseptic Isolator

Meet the soloPURE™ flexible aseptic isolator, a cost-effective closed-barrier system for sterile manufacturing that provides a closed Grade-A, aseptic environment for fill finish activities requiring positive and negative pressures. soloPURE™ maximizes efficiency and productivity in the cleanroom, reduces costs while expanding capabilities, and mitigates risk through safe and fully compliant features.


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양/음압 제어가 모두 요구되는 Fill/Finish 공정에 필수적인 Grade-A 환경을 제공하는 외부차단시스템 soloPURE™ Flexible Aseptic Isolator를 만나보십시오. soloPURE™ 는 클린룸에서의 기능 확장을 통해 효율성과 생산성을 극대화하고, 비용 절감 및 위험 완화에 도움을 줍니다.


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Operating Benefits

  • Fully Disposable, Single-Use Chamber
  • Compact Design and Small Footprint
  • Filter and Isolator Integrity Testing
  • Easy Bolt-On Modules and Interfaces
  • Automatic Pressure Control System
  • Double H14 HEPA Filter Assembly
  • Double-Sided Access for Operators


  • 풀 싱글유즈 챔버
  • 컴팩트한 디자인과 작은설치공간
  • 필터 및 챔버 완전성 테스트기능
  • 간편한 설치와 인터페이스
  • 자동압력제어시스템
  • 이중 H14 HEPA 필터 어셈블리
  • 오퍼레이터 양방향 접근 가능


The soloPURE™ Advantage

• Transform your cleanroom into a sterile manufacturing machine.
• Achieve more in your cleanroom without the added expense.
• Experience the risk-reducing power of a single-user isolator.
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