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We all know and love EZ BioPac®️. The industry’s most efficient and effective single-use powder transfer system now has zip-lock compatibility. Introducing EZ BioPacZip™, ILC Dover’s purpose-built closed loop powder transfer system. It’s large diameter top-opening permits easy, quick filling and fine-tuning of precise target weights, and it can be quickly and securely zipped shut to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and operator exposure.

Handle with Care

EZ BioPacZip & EZ BioPac®

The same design, feel, and strength but with additional sealing options: zip-locked, crimped, or folded over.

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Keep It Contained


The global standard for containment, reliability, and service during both charging and offloading operations.

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Start Fresh


The classic flexible film benchtop isolator with single-use technology that eliminates cleaning and validation.

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Bag It Up

Liquid Bags

The single-use fluid storage and transfer bags for handling sterile liquids in biopharmaceutical markets.

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Clear the Way

Sentinel XT™

The PAPR system complete with a clear hood, Quick-Loc™ waist belt, robust blower, filters, and breathing tube.

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Full-Service Materials Provider

We grew as a company so that you could grow, too. We’re constantly strengthening and developing our pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product portfolio to deliver full-facility solutions fit for any spec, volume, or system setup.


Fluid Transfer


cGMP Raw

Rapid Turnaround Time

We’ve been investing in constraints against the market, building our PharmBio product portfolio to shorten lead times and expedite delivery.

  • Two-business-day rapid design process for a quick turnaround
  • In-facility testing before a purchasing decision is even made
  • Simplified vendor management with one provider of all supplies
  • Superior customization for every biopharma manufacturing facility


EZ BioPacZip Sell Sheet