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SCape® CO/CBRN Escape Respirator

The first and only NIOSH CBRN Escape Respirator with Carbon Monoxide Protection

Better Protection Lower Program Cost

Industrial Protection

In the event of a chemical spill or fire there is no time for confusion. Provide your employees with trusted, proven protection that will allow them to quickly exit a dangerous situation.


Business Protection

Safely and quickly maneuver out of a building fire or chemical event with the only NIOSH-approved air-purifying escape respirator for CO and CBRN.


Family Protection

Hundreds of thousands of SCape® units have been sold around the world to protect officials at the highest level of their governments. Doesn’t your family deserve the same level of protection?

System Benefits

  • Integral blower with automatic actuation - increased protection, reduced user stress/burden and easy to use
  • Panoramic field of view - increased effectiveness and safety
  • 30 minute protection
  • No nosecup or mouthbit
  • Comfortable neckdam
  • No suspension or adjustments required

The SCape® platform is the first and only NIOSH approved escape mask that features an integral "instant on" blower.  Nothing for the user to remember - just remove it from the package and put it on.  The product does the rest.

All the ease of use and superior protection of the SCape® CBRN 30, now with carbon monoxide/smoke protection.  "Studies have shown that about 75-80% of fire victims die from carbon monoxide poisoning" - Fire Investigator:  Principles and Practice to NFPA 921 and 1033 (2012).

With the added capability for protecting against Carbon Monoxide in fire situations, the SCape® CO/CBRN30 can be used to support a broad range of escape applications including:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Federal Government
  • Corporate Preparedness
  • Transportation
  • High rise building evacuation
  • Hospitality events
  • Personal preparedness

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