The Role of PAPRs in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, the safety and protection of employees are paramount, particularly as the industry grapples with the handling of increasingly potent compounds. This blog post examines the pivotal role of Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) in enhancing workplace safety, with a focus on their use in environments involving Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Highly […]

Sierra Space Advances its Revolutionary Commercial Space Station Technology

Company is Accelerating the Introduction of Commercial Microgravity Research and Production Facilities in Space to Benefit Life on Earth First Full-Scale Structural Test Milestone for Expandable Space Station Tech Occurred at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center Test Article Was 1/3rd the Volume of the International Space Station Results Show the Structure Significantly Exceeded NASA’s Recommended […]

The Benefits of Single-Use Isolators for Cytotoxic Payload Handling

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are at the forefront of precision cancer therapy, with more than fifteen ADCs approved globally and over 300 in development. These specialized therapies, designed to target cancer cells precisely, hold immense promise in oncology. However, with the rapid expansion of ADC manufacturing comes a unique set of challenges. The Challenges of ADC […]

Flexan LLC and ILC Dover Earn Class 7 Certification for Cleanroom in Juarez, Mexico

Nearshoring Strategy Supports Increased Customer Demand While Upholding Stringent Quality Standards FREDERICA, DEL., – Sept. 26, 2023 – Flexan LLC, a custom contract manufacturer of medical grade silicone and thermoplastic components, and ILC Dover, a leading provider of innovative single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing, announced that they have successfully attained ISO 13485:2016 certification […]

Streamline Bioprocessing Through Single-Use Technologies

As the biopharmaceutical industry grows, single-use technology is becoming increasingly important. From smaller batch sizes used in preclinical and clinical testing to facilities producing multiple products, the need for flexible and adaptable manufacturing solutions has never been greater. Single-use components are crucial, offering increased efficiency, reduced risk of contamination, and lower capital costs. To ensure […]

ILC Dover Announces EZ BioPacZip™ Solution for Contained Powder Transfer in Biopharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

Newark, Del. [April 26, 2023] ILC Dover LP (“ILC Dover” or the “Company”), specializing in innovative single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing, announced the launch of EZ BioPacZip™ for contained powder handling and transfer. This addition expands ILC Dover’s powder handling portfolio, led by the industry’s most efficient and effective single-use powder transfer system […]

Sierra Space and ILC Dover Partner to Build the Infrastructure in Space that will Accelerate the Commercialization of Low-Earth Orbit and Outfit the Astronaut Workforce of the Future

Sierra Space, a leading pureplay commercial space company building the first end-to-end business and technology platform in space, announced today that it has formed a long-term strategic partnership with ILC Dover, the leading provider of softgoods technologies and spacesuits. The partnership will accelerate the on-orbit installation of affordable and high-volume LIFE™ (Large Integrated Flexible Environment) […]

Flexan to Collaborate with KSE Scientific to Bring Expanded Medical Device Capabilities to Market

Flexan LLC announced that it is expanding its services to include custom manufacturing of sterile liquids and custom formulated solutions for a variety of medical device applications. Flexan is partnering with its parent company, ILC Dover, and its KSE Scientific division to expand offerings to its medical device customers. KSE Scientific provides standard and custom […]

Silicone Tubing & Biocompatibility

Silicone is widely used across biopharmaceutical processes for its inert nature and hydrophobicity, making it highly biocompatible.1 And since it’s composed of silica, a substance found in sand, silicone has excellent durability, making it able to withstand extreme chemical and thermal conditions. When choosing components for your workflow, high-purity, robust, biocompatible silicone tubing always delivers […]

ILC Dover Adds Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing to Expanding Liquid Handling Portfolio for Biotherapeutics Markets

NEWARK, Del. February 28, 2023 —ILC Dover LP (“ILC Dover” or the “Company”), specializing in innovative single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processing, announced it is now offering platinum-cured silicone tubing to expand its growing liquid handling portfolio. Used for a variety of applications throughout the biomanufacturing process including upstream, downstream and fill & finish, […]