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Escape Respirators

Powered Air Escape Protection

ILC Dover’s spacesuits and powered air-purifying respirators are designed to deliver high-performing protection. Our SCape® CO/CBRN30 system has the same distinguished pedigree. As the only NIOSH-approved air-purifying escape respirator with a powered ventilation system, SCape provides 30 minutes of protection from carbon monoxide, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contaminants.

  • Delivers 30 minutes of protection against a broad range of threats including carbon monoxide
  • Auto-on blower activates when product is removed from the package delivering increased protection and reduced physiological burden
  • Single size unit eliminates logistics burden of using a sized product
  • The system’s battery-operated blower provides positive airflow inside the respirator hood, eliminating the sense of claustrophobia, reducing panic, and allowing the wearer to stay in complete control.
  • No nose-cup or mouth-bit increases comfort and ability to see the wearer’s face
  • SCape users enjoy a panoramic field of view and can perform a wide range of critical tasks, such as using a cell phone or mobile radio.

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SCape® Whitepaper
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ILCDover SCape Industrial Brochure
ILCDover SCapeCO-CBRN Spec Sheet
SCape Chemical Performance

  • Applications

    Government workers

    Chemical processing workers

    Control room operators

    Chemical storage facility personnel

    Travelers to high risk regions

    Pipeline workers

    Military dependents

  • Quality standards

    General description of quality

    NIOSH approved

    Scape CO/CBRN 30 TC-14G-0312

    Scape CBRN 30 TC-14G-0277

  • Ordering information

    Scape CO/CBRN 30 6000-11300
    Scape CBRN 30   6000-10435

  • FAQS

    What is the benefit of having an integral blower/filter combination? 

    The blower delivers 64 lpm of filtered air to the wearer at all times. This dramatically increases the protection level afforded by the product.  In addition, it reduces the “breathing burden” of having to draw fresh air in through filters with your lung power.   Lastly the continuous flow of blown air efficiently removes CO2 and keeps the wearer safe.

    How do you turn on the Scape blower? 

    The blower automatically comes on the minute you remove the product from its package.  All the wearer has to do is place it on over their head and leave the contaminated area.

    Is there a version for children?

    Yes, we sell the version of the Scape product designed for infants up to age 3.  It has the same blower and filter, but secures around the child’s torso.

    How long does the escape respirator provide protection?

    The Scape CO/CBRN 30 and CBRN 30 respirator are both NIOSH approved as a CAP 2 30 minute escape respirator.

Ordering Information

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