Contained Powder Transfer Systems


Single-use flexible containers for handling powders in pharmaceutical processes.

ILC Dover’s contained powder transfer FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containment) Systems are single-use, flexible containers and accessories designed for handling powders in cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical processes. Our solutions offer significant advantages over both reusable containers and other single-use containers, including:

  • Eliminates cross-contamination risk without the need for cleaning or cleaning validation required by stainless steel alternatives.
  • Increases facility storage space with flexible containers that lie flat until needed.
  • Mitigation of environmental dust reduces operational safety hazards, machine maintenance and cross contamination risks.
  • Accelerates process development and validation with expert service, guidance, and data from ILC Dover, a trusted partner with decades of service to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Step-by-Step Demo of Our D100 Contained Transfer System

Check out D100, a system of single-use containers and accessories designed for handling intermediate and excipient powders with moderate potency.

See the DoverPac® Containment System in Action

Check out how DoverPac® achieves high-level containment of active pharmaceutical powders during transfer operations.

Product Comparison

Which Contained Powder Transfer Systems Are You Interested In?

Laboratory setting with a pack-off system, including skid, dosing valve, mass decoupling, scale, and containment systems

Contained Pack-Off System

We offer reliability and precision in filling powders or granulates into IBCs, boxes, drums, bags, trucks, and more. Learn more and contact us today.

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Three types of powder transfer systems for varying levels of containment from ILC Dover

Contained Powder Transfer Systems

Contained Powder Transfer Systems

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Contained Powder Transfer Systems

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