Contained Pack-Off System

Contained Pack-Off System

The Pack-Off System consists of a set of modules and custom adaptations allowing you to unload your equipment (typically dryer and mixer) containing the end-product, to dose, and pack under a high level of containment.

The core of the system is composed of the skid, dosing valve, mass decoupling, scale, and the containment. Depending on the needs of your process, additional components such as Conical mill, Screener, and Sampler can be included.


  • Large & Small Powder Applications
  • Media & Buffer Preparation
  • Powder Dispensing

ArmorFlex® Films are used with Flexible Enclosures, Flexible Isolators, DoverPac®, DoverPac® SF, EZ BioPac®, Continuous Liners, & Drum Liners

ILC Dover's contained pack-off system

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films

The ArmorFlex® Family of Films includes ArmorFlex® 110 and ArmorFlex® 114, which deliver permanent static dissipative properties and meet FDA and EU regulations for food contact and EP test conditions. ArmorFlex® 113 offers superior visual clarity, making this the clear film of choice for flexible enclosures and flexible isolators.

Why Filling Units from ILC Dover?

IT9000 Weighing Terminal

High-level control when dosing powder.

Automated Processes

Box feeding, lifting, and switching.

High Precision

Box filling of 20 kg with +/- 5-gram accuracy.

Efficient Fill Time

Fill capacity is approximately one minute per box.

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