Drum Liners


ILC Dover makes a variety of drum liners that offer an economical solution to the challenges and expense of cleaning and/or disposing of used drums.

These heavy gauge polyethylene liners are tough and abrasion resistant to extend the life of your drums and reduce or eliminate cleaning costs. Drum liners from ILC Dover also help protect your product from contamination and leakage during processing, storage, and transportation, making them ideal for applications including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and CBD oils, as well as personal care and chemical products, among others.

Grayling™ Round Bottom Drum Liners

Round bottom drum liners are designed to precisely fit to the drum’s interior dimensions, eliminating folds and pleats that can trap product. The fold-back at the top allows the liner to be pulled back over the drum’s rim and the round bottom helps to decrease air pockets by molding to the shape of the drum’s base. These form-fitting, flexible liners help ensure a complete and more consistent fill while reducing residual waste during dispense.

Grayling™ Lay-Flat Drum Liners

Lay-flat drum liners are produced as “bag-on-a-roll” for convenient storage and usage. These heavy-duty liners come on a roll and are separated by perforations for easy tear off and installation in the drum. The liners feature an open top and a flat sealed bottom and are available in 3mil, 4mil, and 6mil gauges.

Grayling™ Pillow Drum Liners

Pillow style drum liners provide extra security for your high value liquid products during transport and storage. These drum liners are manufactured using two layers of an engineered 4mil low density polyethylene film structure to provide durability, consistency, and performance. Pillow style drum liners are offered with a 2” standard fitment for easy filling and dispensing.


Nutraceuticals and CBD oils

Food & Beverage

Syrups, sauces, oils, dressings, condiments, juices, and concentrates


Fluid milk, cream and yogurt

Personal Care

Lotions, gels, and liquid soap


Resins, additives, and pigments

Why Drum Liners from ILC Dover?

Our portfolio of Grayling™ drum liners for plastic drums, fiber drums, and steel drums are designed to meet the needs of your specific dry or liquid applications. The liners are manufactured in our FSSC22000, Kosher, and IMS-certified production facility, and can be custom manufactured for your unique application. We offer standard size drum liners and barrel liners for 30-gallon drums and 55-gallon drums, with special applications including anti-static (L2) and high chemical resistance, as well as oxygen, moisture, and UV barriers.


Grayling™ Drum Liners


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