Dry Form Fit Liners


ILC Dover’s dry form fit liners are custom manufactured to your FIBCs dimensions, eliminating wasted space, stress points in the liner, and allowing the FIBC to fill evenly.

Because the FIBC fills more completely, the package is more stable and stacks better. Liners can be made with fill/discharge spouts designed to fit the exact dimensions of your equipment. This virtually eliminates the potential for dusting and leakage as well as speeding the fill and discharge process.

Food & Beverage

Dry ingredients, spices, flour, grains, nuts, and powders


Whey Powder

Personal Care

Cosmetic powders


Resins, specialty powders, additives, pigments


Parts and intermediate product storage

Why Dry Form Fit Liners?

Grayling™ dry form fit liners from ILC Dover are made from a variety of materials to impart the performance you desire. The film’s features will help you attain an oxygen and moisture barrier, anti-static properties, chemical resistance, FDA approval, and high-strength performance. Liners can be made with attachment tabs which allow you to sew, tie, or glue in the liner, eliminating the chance of liner discharge.

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