EZ BioPac®


EZ BioPac® is the industry’s most efficient and effective single-use powder transfer system.

Speed up media and buffer production with modern single-use powder handling. EZ BioPac® is ILC Dover’s purpose-built powder transfer system that speeds fill time and makes it easy to adjust contents to precise target weight. EZ BioPac® features a separate discharge outlet and antistatic polymer material for faster, cleaner discharge with residuals consistently 2g or less in a 5 kg bag. The bag’s unique design and protective skirt reduce or eliminate contamination of the support stand and bag exterior, drastically condensing clean-up requirements. Its large diameter top-opening permits easy filling and fine-tuning of final weight, and the system is suitable for a wide range of filling/dispensing volumes, flow rates, and product weights.

ILC Dover offers Lifting Bars compatible with EZ BioPac®, helping you raise the single-use powder bags to discharge media, buffers, and other powders while keeping them safely in place. Stands enable the effective filling of powder bags. EZ BioPac® also integrates with split butterfly valve technology for a more secure dispensing of powder.


  • Dry Powder
  • Media
  • Buffer Salts
  • Excipients
  • Filter Aids
  • High-Value Chemical Substance

Watch to Learn How EZ BioPac® Works

Learn how EZ BioPac® speeds media and buffer production.

Why EZ BioPac® from ILC Dover?

Ease of Use

No additives that can discolor product or slip agents that can cause cell-growth inhibition.

Fast Fill Time

Low-residual, antistatic film ensures all product is removed from the bag.

Convenient Sealing Options

EZ BioPac®

Quality Standards

EZ BioPac®’s ArmorFlex® Film meets FDA and 2002/72/EC requirements and EP 3.1.3 test conditions. It complies with FDA 21 CFR and passes USP <661> Physiochemical Tests for Plastics, USP <88> Class VI (7-day implant), USP <87> biological reactivity (in vitro) and Chilworth incendivity tests. Its permanent antistatic has a five-year shelf life and replaces migrating additives. EZ BioPac® is also tested for solvent resistance, and a DMF has been filed with FDA

Part Numbers

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HW10429-01 Frame EZ BioPac 5/10L
HW10376-02 Frame EZ BioPac 25/50L
HW10428-01 Frame EZ BioPac 100L
HW11200-01 Lifting Bar 4 Loop 14” Dia Body
HW11200-02 Lifting Bar 4 Loop 14” Dia Body, Low Profile
HW11089-01 Lifting Bar 8 Loop 20” Dia Body
HW11089-02 Lifting Bar 8 Loop 20” Dia Body, Low Profile
HW12017-01 Hook EZ BioPac 5L/10L


EZ BioPac®

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