Continuous Liners


Effective and easy-to-use system for containing APIs and other hazardous compounds.

Continuous Liners assure the safe and effective transfer of powders, giving operators the ability to fill multiple drums without breaking containment. Made from FDA- and EU-compliant ArmorFlex® Films, our Continuous Liner has been proven to provide containment levels to below 1 µg/m3 in applications around the world, eliminating cross contamination of powders and protecting operators, product purity, and the facility. Continuous Liners can also be used in Bag In/Bag Out processes with rigid isolators and flexible enclosures, ensuring the safe transfer of tablets, vials, tools, and trash. They typically interface with an 8″ or 12” outlet canister. Transitions can be made to smaller interfaces as needed depending on the process. Accessories include CrimpLoc™, crimps and crimp removal tool, Multi O-Ring Canisters, and band clamps.


  • Bag In/Bag Out Processes
  • Product Offloading
  • Tablet Offloading

See Continuous Liners in Action

Learn how ILC Dover’s continuous liners work with the Drum Transfer System.

Why Continuous Liners from ILC Dover?

Cost-Effective Lengths

Continuous liners are offered in cost-effective configurations, including 14” width x 30’, and 23” width in either 50’, 100’, or 150’ lengths.

No Cross-Contamination

Continuous liner design eliminates cross contamination of powders, protecting the person, plant, and product.

Reduced Operator Labor

Long liner lengths allow operators to process powders, instead of shuffling film onto a discharge nozzle.

Multiple Interfaces

Attaches directly to existing hardware, including down-flow booths or isolators to enhance protection levels.

Part Numbers

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CL14-030-114 14″ 30′ Length AF114
CL14-030-110 14″ 30′ Length AF110
CL23-050-114 23″ Dia. 50′ AF114
CL23-050-110 23” Dia. 100′ AF110
CL23-100-114 23″ Dia. 100′ AF114
CL23-100-110 23″ Dia. 100′ AF110
CL23-150-114 23″ Dia. 150′ AF114
CL23-150-110 23” Dia. 150′ AF110


Continuous Liner

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