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Fran DiNuzzo

President and CEO

As President and CEO, Fran DiNuzzo orchestrates all stages of the company’s business and strategic development, new business growth, mature business optimization, and change management. He has also guided the integration of acquisitions to build ILC Dover into what it is today. One of the most essential elements to Fran’s work is establishing lasting relationships with business leaders and decision makers. He collaborates with them to develop solutions to their challenges and those at ILC Dover. Rather than focusing on products and technology, Fran has focused on building an effective executive team that focuses on markets and consumers. To continue enhancing the performance of the ILC team, he employs coaching techniques by asking questions that lead his team to examine the whys behind what they do, the impact of what they do, and how things could be improved. Throughout his 33-year career, Fran has been a successful leader of operations both small and large. He's at his best when he’s building businesses, creating new strategies, and delivering impressive results. One of the key characteristics of his leadership style is empowering professional growth among the ILC Dover team. If there was one problem in the world only Fran could solve, he would give everyone work they love. He believes that too many people labor in jobs they don’t like, and that passionate employees are both happier and more productive.