Fill Bridges


ILC Dover carries a selection of stainless-steel fill bridges that are designed for use with either rigid IBCs or paper Intermediate Bulk Containers.

A fill bridge is a metal bridge that is placed on top of the IBC to hold the neck of the liquid bulk liner in a central position to facilitate filling of the liner.

Rigid IBC

Why Fill Bridges from ILC Dover?

Optimize Filling

Fill bridges provide an easy and clean filling of the bulk liquid liner in the IBC. Because the fitment is held in place at the top of the IBC, an easy and clean connection can be made with the filling hose. At the end of filling, the hose can be easily disconnected, and the liner capped with less chance of product spillage from the fitment.

The fill bridge supports the liner during filling by holding the correct shape of the liner within the IBC container. This eliminates potential folds of the liner which could happen during filling potentially reducing the amount of product the liner can hold and the efficiency of dispensing the product from the liner.

Greater Operator Efficiency

The centered fill bridge holds the liner fitment in place at the top of the IBC during the filling process. This makes it easy for the operator to attach or detach the fill hose and any connectors and adaptors without having to reach into the IBC. Because the liner is held in place by the fill bridge, less operator intervention is typically required during filling. The liner fills more efficiently with little manipulation required by the operator during filling.

Facilitate Dispensing

A Center Fill Bridge can also be used during dispensing of the liquid from the bulk liner in the IBC. The fill bridge holds the liner fitment at the top of the IBC when it’s full of liquid to prevent the liner from collapsing into the tote during discharge. This provides for easy removal of the liner after dispensing. During the last part of the discharge, clips can be also be used to pull the back of the liner towards the center and attach it to the fill bridge which facilitates liquid flowing towards the dispense port and reduces the amount of manual manipulation of the liner required to fully dispense the liner.


Fill bridges are produced from stainless steel
Available to fit 2” or 3” fill fitments


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