Valves, Connectors & Adapters


ILC Dover provides a range of valves, connectors, and adapter accessories designed to maximize your productivity.


ILC Dover stocks a range of valves for liquid dispensing from IBCs as well as coordinating membrane cutting and piercing tools.

  • Ball Valves
  • Banjo Valves
  • Membrane Cutters and Piercing Tools

Connectors & Adapters

ILC Dover carries a range of connectors and adapters for your filling and dispensing needs from both Rigid IBCs and Paper IBCS.

  • Gland Adapters
  • Cam Adapters
  • Butterfly Valve Adapters

Why Accessories from ILC Dover?

Optimize Filling and Dispensing

Making a secure and sanitary connection between your filling equipment and bulk liquid liners is crucial to your production. Valves, connectors, and adaptors help you to connect the threads of fitments on bulk liquid liners with the sanitary connections and hoses in your operations.

Safe Membrane Puncture

Filled bulk liquid liners have sealed membranes at the dispense fitment that must be punctured or pierced prior to dispensing the liquid from the liner. ILC Dover's membrane cutters and piercing tools accomplish this safely without creating plastic shards that could be pushed into your product. Single use crown cutters are included in the cap of some of our liquid liners but can also be ordered separately as an accessory. Piercing tools are designed for multiple usage. This tool safely pierces the membrane of the liner after the dispense valve has been connected to the fitment.


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