Liquid Pillow Liners


Grayling™ liquid pillow liners from ILC Dover are an economical packaging choice for liquid bulk materials in IBCs.

The pillow style IBC liner protects liquid products from contamination and leakage during processing, storage, and transportation, while the liner allows the outer container to be reused instantly, eliminating the need for costly cleaning operations.

Food & Beverage

Syrups, sauces, oils, dressings, condiments, juices, and concentrates


Fluid milk, yogurt, and liquid eggs

Personal Care

Lotions, gels, liquid soap, and shampoo


Resins, paints, inks, additives, and emulsions

Why Liquid Pillow Liners from ILC Dover?

Mitigates Costly Cleaning

The pillow liner allows the outer IBC to be reused instantly and eliminates the need for costly cleaning operations.

Product Protection

Pillow liners protect your products from potential cross contamination from an improperly cleaned IBC in your operation.

Broad Portfolio

ILC Dover offers a broad portfolio of pillow liners designed to fit all of the industry leading IBCs including Buckhorn Caliber, Arena Shipper and Horen OptiFlow. Barrier films available for oxygen-sensitive applications.

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