BioShield Full Hood


ILC Dover’s BioShield Full Hood is specifically designed to support healthcare workers in Ebola patient suites and may support other infectious disease use cases.

This NIOSH-approved loose-fitting PAPR features an Assigned Protection Factor of 1,000 and comes in a single-size with no fit-testing required for wearers.

Why BioShield Full Hood from ILC Dover?

Assigned Protection Factor

1,000 APF, offering 100x protection over N-95s.

Secure Design

Sewn and taped seam construction.

Clear Visibility

Ultra-clear PET visor.

Easy Use & Stability

Excellent hood stability; fit supports a range of operations; no fit-testing required.

Flexibility & Comfort

Skirt/exhaust system fully inflates suit for improved protection and comfort; internal and external skirt interfaces with most protective suits.


  • Design
    Loose-fitting PAPR with internal and external skirt that interfaces with most protective suits
  • Material
    Latex-free coated, spunbond polyolefin
  • Visor
    Clear PET construction
  • Seams
    Sewn and taped and pass ASTM F 1670-14 and ASTM F 1671-13 tests (required by the CDC to protect against synthetic blood and blood-borne pathogen penetration)
  • Head Strap
    Cushioned to support a wide range of wearers


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