Sentinel XL Clear Hood


ILC Dover’s Sentinel XL Clear Hood provides high level respiratory protection in a larger, more open feeling hood configuration.

This NIOSH-approved hood offers 100x the protection of N-95s, plus a wide range-of-view and spacious design that accommodates head, hearing, and eye protection.

Why Sentinel XL Clear Hood from ILC Dover?

Assigned Protection Factor

1,000 APF, offering 100x protection over N-95s.

Wide Range of View

Clear hood provides 320-degree field of view.

Added Comfort

No internal hood suspension system and adhesive tab system keeps hood in place.

Spacious Design

Accommodates most head, hearing, and eye protection.

Improved Protection

Inner and outer bibs for easy donning and protection from breach with unique skirt/exhaust system that inflates suit for improved protection and comfort.


  • Material
    Non-woven, spunbond, polyethylene-coated, polyolefin and polyethylene film
  • Visor
    Polyester film (PET)
  • Sizing
    Single size
  • Particulate Protection
    P100/HEPA cartridges
  • Organic Vapor & Acid Gas Protection
    OV/AG/HE cartridges
  • Additional Protections
    Multi-hazard cartridges provide protection against ammonia, methylamine, formaldehyde, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen fluoride
  • Attachment
    40 mm


Sentinel XL Clear Brochure


Sentinel XL HP Brochure


Sentinel XL HP Spec Sheet


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