Launch, Entry, and Abort (LEA)

Launch, Entry, and Abort (LEA)

Sol™ is the next generation of spacesuits, purpose-built for comfort, reliability, and mobility.

ILC Dover’s Launch, Entry, and Abort (LEA) spacesuit provides outstanding performance and protection during the most critical phases of spaceflight. Our LEA spacesuit provides the ability to fit each spacecraft’s needs during nominal launch and entry, or in emergencies, and, if required, contingency Extravehicular Activities.

Explore With Sol™

Sol™ is our LEA (Launch, Entry, and Abort) suit that protects travelers during the mission-critical stages of traveling into space and returning, including re-entry into earth’s atmosphere, and in case of an emergency.

  • Launching to low earth orbit and beyond
  • Suborbital exploration
  • Contingency EVA

Features of Sol™

SolTM provides ease of access and maximum mobility to operate, enter, and exit the spacecraft. It provides comfort in any seated position during the forces of launch and re-entry. This next generation spacesuit has been engineered for:

  • Emergency protection
  • Ease of rescue
  • Breathable bladder
  • High visibility helmet
  • Anti-microbial materials


Suit Up. We Are Going Back To The Moon And On To Mars.

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