Planetary Exploration Suits

Planetary Exploration Suits

ILC Dover is the only company in history with Planetary EVA spacesuits used successfully on another planetary body: The Moon.

ILC Dover’s Mark III Rear Entry spacesuit has been NASA’s primary spacesuit for planetary spacesuit testing since 1989. With our patented mobility joint technology, and decades of development work, we offer Astro™, which can be configured as a rear-entry, multi-bearing walking suit. This lightweight, comfortable suit has modular sizing to fit everyone and is manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and vacuum of space.

Explore Beyond Boundaries®

Our Planetary Exploration Suits protect astronauts when:

  • Exploring the surface of the Moon and Mars

Features of Planetary Exploration Suits

With our patented mobility joint technology, ILC Dover’s Planetary Suits, including Astro™, are engineered for high mobility, environmental protection, ease-of-use, and fit, plus:

  • Modular sizing to fit everyone
  • High visibility helmet system
  • Lightweight and comfortable in the extreme temperatures and vacuum of space
  • Maximum mobility in low gravity
  • Easy to don and doff, full dexterity to reliably perform multiple missions
  • Protects against micro-meteoroids and radiation
  • Heads-up displays
  • Suit-port design for dust mitigation


Suit Up. We Are Going Back To The Moon And On To Mars.

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