Sierra Space Advances its Revolutionary Commercial Space Station Technology

Company is Accelerating the Introduction of Commercial Microgravity Research and Production Facilities in Space to Benefit Life on Earth First Full-Scale Structural Test Milestone for Expandable Space Station Tech Occurred at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center Test Article Was 1/3rd the Volume of the International Space Station Results Show the Structure Significantly Exceeded NASA’s Recommended […]

Sierra Space and ILC Dover Partner to Build the Infrastructure in Space that will Accelerate the Commercialization of Low-Earth Orbit and Outfit the Astronaut Workforce of the Future

Sierra Space, a leading pureplay commercial space company building the first end-to-end business and technology platform in space, announced today that it has formed a long-term strategic partnership with ILC Dover, the leading provider of softgoods technologies and spacesuits. The partnership will accelerate the on-orbit installation of affordable and high-volume LIFE™ (Large Integrated Flexible Environment) […]

ILC Dover Among Industry Team Selected to Provide the Next Generation of Spacesuits for NASA

NEWARK, Del. – June 3, 2022 – ILC Dover, the leading provider of spacesuits since the Apollo era, has been selected as part of the Collins Aerospace -led  team of industry leaders, along Oceaneering, to produce NASA’s next-generation extravehicular spacesuit. This next-generation extravehicular spacesuit could be worn by astronauts while working outside the International Space […]

Spacesuits of the Future, Today: ILC Dover Continues Its Leadership in Spacesuits

“Fifty years after Neil Armstrong walked on the moon – wearing one of our spacesuits – commercial space travel is poised to open the universe to a generation of astronauts,” said Patty Stoll, director of space systems. “ILC Dover’s Astrospace division has the proven spacesuit technology to protect future explorers who will venture beyond the bounds of Earth.” The […]

How ILC Dover Helped Pathfinder Land Safely on Mars

The NASA team, when preparing for the 1997 Mars Pathfinder mission to Mars, faced a daunting problem: If Pathfinder completed the 300 million-mile trek to the Red Planet, how could it land gently enough to keep the finely tuned research equipment on board from being damaged? In its search for a solution, NASA contacted ILC […]