Flexan to Collaborate with KSE Scientific to Bring Expanded Medical Device Capabilities to Market

Flexan LLC announced that it is expanding its services to include custom manufacturing of sterile liquids and custom formulated solutions for a variety of medical device applications. Flexan is partnering with its parent company, ILC Dover, and its KSE Scientific division to expand offerings to its medical device customers. KSE Scientific provides standard and custom […]

ILC Dover Secures North Carolina Facility to Expand Dry Repack Capabilities and Build Out cGMP Raw Materials Portfolio

NEWARK, Del. January 19, 2023 —ILC Dover LP (“ILC Dover” or the “Company”), specializing in innovative single-use solutions for biotherapeutics and pharmaceutical processing, has opened a new facility in Lillington, North Carolina to offer pre-filled trusted-weight cGMP raw materials for the growing biomanufacturing market. As a solutions provider for the expanding life sciences industry, ILC […]

Qosina Announces Partnership with ILC Dover and Expanded Portfolio of Liquid Bag Chambers

Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, January 9, 2023—Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce a partnership with ILC Dover, a leader in the innovative design and production of solutions for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and medical device markets. ILC Dover has partnered with Qosina to ensure assurance of […]

Optimizing Processing Efficiencies with Dairy Bulk Packaging

Bulk product handling in any industry sets forth efficiency challenges across the value chain for contract packagers, ingredient manufacturers, and end-use processors. Intermediate bulk packaging for the dairy industry, however, is among the most challenging for its concerns surrounding freshness, protection from moisture, consistency, and viscous product residual during filling and dispensing. Dairy bulk packaging […]

Selecting the Right Intermediate Bulk Liner for Your Liquid Application

Contract packagers and manufacturers in the chemical, personal care, dairy, and food & beverage industries leverage intermediate bulk packaging to optimize production and facilitate shipping of their liquid products. But how do they know which packaging solution to choose for their applications? In this blog, we explore why you should consider intermediate bulk packaging for liquids, […]

Benefits of Using Form-Fit Bulk Liners & Fill Bridges With IBCs

There are countless options on the market for barrels, tanks, and containers designed to transport and store bulk liquid products. Among all the options on the market today, one of the best ways to ensure your liquid products are safely and accurately filled and packaged for processing, transportation, and storage is by using a form-fit […]

Rigid IBCs: Choosing the Right Ones for Your Liquid Product

In this blog, we are discussing the different types of Rigid IBCs (RIBCs) for liquid products, and why product manufacturers or end-use processors in industries such as food, beverage, dairy, personal care, or chemicals, would choose one RIBC over another. What Is a Rigid IBC? Intermediate bulk containers, also called IBC containers or IBC totes, are […]

What Is Bulk Packaging?

When we hear the word packaging, our minds immediately connect to the products we buy as a consumer. We think about the box of cereal we ate for breakfast, the bottle of shampoo we used this morning, or the bag of dog food we have sitting in the pantry. The packaging we use every day […]

A Comprehensive Look at DoverPac® High Containment FIBC System

DoverPac® High Containment FIBC System DoverPac® Containment Systems are the global standard for disposable process and powder containment systems. In 1997, ILC Dover worked in collaboration with Eli Lilly to develop a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) that provides high levels of reliable containment during both charging and offloading activities during solid oral dosage production and API manufacturing operations. DoverPac® is the only single use […]

5 Big Changes to Food Processing and Packaging

Companies that process and package food continually search for two things: longer shelf life and sustained freshness. But increasing demand for sustainable bio-based or renewable packaging materials can make those things difficult to achieve. How can a manufacturer achieve improved shelf life while maintaining quality standards as well as sustainability? The following innovative changes to […]