CMO/CDMO Facilities Gain Value with Single-Use Containment Webinar

On September 17, 2019, Scott Patterson, VP of Commercial Sales, along with Business Review presented a webinar entitled:  CMO/CDMO Facilities Gain Value with Single-Use Containment.  In this webinar Scott discusses flexible containment, containment performance using a case study for an OSD process, shared facilities and HBEL/ADE requirements, and benefits global CDMO’s realize with flexible containment. […]

Flexible Containment Solutions for Safe Handling of HPAPI Chemical Synthesis

By Scott Patterson, VP of Commercial Sales, ILC Dover Myriad considerations, spanning the full complement of pharmaceutical manufacturing stakeholders, influence the containment solution decision-making process in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Plant managers are tasked with the efficient use of floor space and managing capital and consumable expenses. Process engineers worry about the system’s impact on the integrity […]

High Containment and Cost Savings With Single-Use Isolator Technology

As the potency of drug substances continues to increase, so does the requirement for containment solutions that reduce cross-contamination risks without breaking the bank. ILC Dover would like to share with you an exclusive whitepaper providing the data supporting flexible containment solutions, as well as cost analyses of single use systems vs cleaning and validation. […]

Pharmaceutical Powder Containment: Vital for Protecting People and the Bottom Line

Single-use powder transfer bags can be removed, discarded and replaced when a manufacturing process is finished. One word frequently surfaces during discussions on pharmaceutical manufacturing. That word? Containment. Because confining the toxic substances involved in the manufacturing process— like powder, dust and vapors—is a necessity for safety. And even microscopic amounts of those materials that […]

How To Start A New Pharma Business

Back in 1994, the ILC Dover team chose a promising way to expand our business. We decided to use our expertise in protecting the lives of astronauts in space to protect drugs that help patients here on Earth. We partnered with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company to study how to contain powder compounds used […]

ILC Dover to Open New Production Facility in Blarney, Ireland

Expansion positions ILC as leading single use powder handing solutions provider to the global pharma & biopharma market Frederica, DE, USA November 1, 2018 – ILC Dover, a global leader in flexible containment solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry is expanding its Irish production footprint by opening a location in Blarney, County Cork, Ireland. The building […]

5 Ways to Make Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Safer

5 Ways to Make Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Safer Creating pharmaceutical products safely has never been more demanding. The quality control landscape is ever changing, and the pressure increasing to go to market quickly to meet patient needs. Gone are the days when big batches of blockbuster drug compounds were concocted in huge steel containers. Back then, […]

ILC Dover’s JetBreaker™ System Allows Rapid Mixing of Large Quantities of Pharmaceutical Powders

~~Frederica, Del., July 11, 2017 (Business Wire) — ILC Dover, which specializes in engineering solutions including powder handling systems for pharmaceutical and life science applications, has proven the efficacy of its new semi-automated system that successfully disaggregates powdered media and buffer powders allowing for superior mixing into solution. To improve the process for a U.S.-based […]