[Whitepaper] ADC and Highly Potent Substance Containment

Solo Containment’s Martyn Ryder has been observing environmental monitoring systems from as early as 1989. It was clear from the start that segregation between operators and API powder was the key to reducing occupational exposure. In Ryder’s work, he grasped the importance of maintaining long-term and repeatable safety standards within the pharmaceutical sector. As a […]

[Whitepaper] Development of a Disposable Grade-A Aseptic Fill/Finish Isolation System

Isolation of aseptic processes is not a new technology. Rigid stainless-steel isolators have been available for decades, and flexible film isolation has been used in aseptic processing since the 1970s. Still, these systems tended to be a composite of stainless-steel chambers and airflow modules with a flexible film user interface. Solo Containment (now part of […]

Driving Expansion, ILC Dover Appoints New President in Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical Business Unit

Frederica, Delaware, December 9, 2020 –  ILC Dover, a world leader in the design and production of single-use flexible solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today named David Radspinner as President of the Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Business Unit, effective December 14, 2020. In his new role, Dr. Radspinner is expected to contribute to ILC Dover’s continued growth by building and […]

ILC Dover Acquires Solo Containment, a Leading UK-Based Provider of Products Used in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Frederica, Delaware, September 9, 2020 – ILC Dover, Inc. (“ILC Dover” or the “Company”), a world leader in the design and production of single-use flexible solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced the acquisition of Solo Containment, Ltd. (“Solo”), a specialist manufacturer of flexible film isolators based in the United Kingdom. The acquisition will grow […]

Milling and Micronizing Pharmaceutical Powders in High Containment

The manufacturing of products within the micronized powders space is growing, especially for inhalation and injectable products. With particle sizes generally ranging from 2-20 microns, manufacturers face a huge challenge in terms of containing such small particles. Micronization is a common process in the pharma industry throughout the drug development cycle, from chemical synthesis to […]

ILC Dover Introduces Atmospheric Control Module to Safely Contain Highly-Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Frederica, Delaware, July 15, 2020 – ILC Dover, a world leader in the innovative design and production of engineered products employing high-performance flexible materials, today introduced the Atmospheric Control Module (ACM) designed to provide additional risk mitigation and enhanced processing control for highly-potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) within laboratory  areas and GMP operations . The ACM is designed for use […]

The Right Transfer Solutions for Media and Buffer Powders

The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries are facing new challenges with powder handling on a scale that has never seen before. In recent years, production facilities across the globe have been required to handle an ever-increasing amount of powder, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies throughout the entire product pipeline. ILC Dover is a worldwide leader in developing effective solutions […]

Flexible Isolator Technology: The Containment Solution for Pharmaceutical Processing

Watch the full webinar > Over the past few decades, the pharmaceutical industry has been challenged with the introduction of hormones, steroids, and other cytotoxic materials that are all potentially hazardous to operators and the environment. The main concern is how we can safely process these highly potent materials as they become more common in production […]

A Comprehensive Look at DoverPac® High Containment FIBC System

DoverPac® High Containment FIBC System DoverPac® Containment Systems are the global standard for disposable process and powder containment systems. In 1997, ILC Dover worked in collaboration with Eli Lilly to develop a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) that provides high levels of reliable containment during both charging and offloading activities during solid oral dosage production and API manufacturing operations. DoverPac® is the only single use […]

High Containment for Lyophilization Processes

Download ILC Dovers Whitepaper on High Containment for Lyophilization The growth of lyophilization and its complicated processes has challenged manufacturers to maintain safety for operators working with highly potent ingredients, which has created a demand to assure product quality and protection from contamination. Ranging from small lyophilization systems used for R&D to larger production systems, […]