CMO/CDMO Facilities Gain Value with Single-Use Containment Webinar

On September 17, 2019, Scott Patterson, VP of Commercial Sales, along with Business Review presented a webinar entitled:  CMO/CDMO Facilities Gain Value with Single-Use Containment.  In this webinar Scott discusses flexible containment, containment performance using a case study for an OSD process, shared facilities and HBEL/ADE requirements, and benefits global CDMO’s realize with flexible containment. […]

We Went to the Moon, and Kept Going

Apollo Continues to Inspire Innovation at ILC Dover As we mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we are thinking about how ILC Dover’s “Beyond Boundaries™” culture continues the bold innovation that put humans on the moon and brought them safely back to earth. We are undeniably proud of our role in a […]

Flexible Containment Solutions for Safe Handling of HPAPI Chemical Synthesis

By Scott Patterson, VP of Commercial Sales, ILC Dover Myriad considerations, spanning the full complement of pharmaceutical manufacturing stakeholders, influence the containment solution decision-making process in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Plant managers are tasked with the efficient use of floor space and managing capital and consumable expenses. Process engineers worry about the system’s impact on the integrity […]

The Workforce of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ Needs STEM

The Workforce of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ Needs STEM The Class of 2019 – graduating high school, technical, trade and college students – is entering the workforce, anxious to match their education with career opportunities, but those who received some form of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education can breathe a little easier. Because the […]

Managing the Risks that Accompany Innovation

ILC Dover executives discuss how success depends on calculating the balance between innovation and risk. If successful innovation were easy and risk-free, every company would be doing it. To help our customers in the pharmaceutical, packaging and processing, personal protection, flood protection and aerospace industries improve safety and productivity, we at ILC Dover take chances […]

How To Start A New Pharma Business

Back in 1994, the ILC Dover team chose a promising way to expand our business. We decided to use our expertise in protecting the lives of astronauts in space to protect drugs that help patients here on Earth. We partnered with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company to study how to contain powder compounds used […]

Celebrating 70 years!

~~FREDERICA — Donna Shoemaker has been working at ILC Dover so long, she remembers when the company brought in their first computers — the original “Apples.” The 36-year veteran was on hand, along with government officials, dignitaries and hundreds of other employees, at Tuesday’s celebration marking the company’s 70th anniversary. Over her tenure at the […]