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EVA Space Suits (Extravehicular Activity)


Since the beginning of project Apollo, ILC has been the designer and producer of the space suit pressure garment for NASA. Our engineers and technicians helped make history when they developed the first highly mobile space suit (Apollo A7LB) that allowed Astronauts to walk on the lunar surface in the late 1960's, and work on Skylab in the 1970's. We then developed and produced the Space Suit Assembly (part of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit) for use on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS).

We are proud of our achievements in human spaceflight, and our on-going work to provide suits to support the operation of the International Space Station (ISS).  Our extensive history in space suit programs (Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, ISS, Constellation, and now commercial) programs has kept our team at the forefront of mobility joint design, human interface, material developments, fabrication and test techniques, and quality procedures which has served to create an impressive record of safe and reliable suits to enable exploration.

NASA Space Suit Programs Supported by ILC


  • Used for IVA During Trans Lunar Flight
  • Used for All Lunar EVA & Transfer Vehicles
  • Custom Fit, Pure O2, Water Cooled, 3.8 psid
  • 160 hrs on Lunar Surface
  • Operational Environment: -250°F to +250°F, Lunar Dust, micrometeoroids, radiation


  • Used for all Space Shuttle EVA
  • Individual components (arms, torso, etc.) assembled to fit crew
  • Pure O2, Water Cooled, 4.3 psid
  • Continuing Glove Improvements
  • Operational Environment: Payload Bay - Low Earth Orbit (LEO), -250°F to +250°F, micrometeoroids, radiation

International Space Station

  • (ISS) Used for all Space Station EVA
  • Redesigned for Greater Mobility, On Orbit Change-out of components, Greatly Increased Cycle Life
  • Pure O2, Water Cooled, 4.3 psid
  • Heated Glove with Better Tactile Capabilities
  • Operational Environment: ISS - Low Earth Orbit (LEO), -250°F to +250°F, micrometeoroids, radiation

Mark III Technology Demonstrator

  • Developed for use on Space Station as a Zero-Prebreathe Suit (ZPS)
  • High mobility rear entry suit with hard and soft mobility joints
  • Pure O2, Water Cooled, designed for 8.3 psid
  • High Pressure 8.3 psi Hardsuit (No Prebreathing)

Lunar/Mars Suit Prototype (I-Suit)

  • Designed for Lightweight, High Mobility surface operations in gravity
  • Multiple configurations developed including waist and rear-entry
  • Pure O2, Water Cooled, 4.3 psid
  • Operational Environment: Fractional Gravity, Dust

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