Infectious Disease PAPRs

Robust PAPRs with safe and comfortable PAPR hoods and head covers

The Sentinel XL® HP is a high performance PAPR system (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior respiratory protection against a range of infectious diseases.

  • Head covers deliver 2.5x protection available with an N-95
  • Full hood delivers 100x protection available with an N-95
  • Available with multiple head cover/full hood options to support your specific protection needs.
  • Easy to use adjustable and cleanable waist belt
  • 3 battery configurations to address your needs
    • Rechargeable NiMH
    • Non-rechargeable Lithium long shelf life cell
    • Unique alkaline battery pack option lets you use standard D cell batteries
  • Easy to attach HEPA and OV/AG/HE filters to support your protection requirements

Downloadable Content

ILC Dover Sentinel XL® HP PAPR System Brochure
ILCDover Sentinel XL HP Spec Sheet

  • Features and Benefits

    • Head cover, Clear Hood and Full Hood options provide protection against a range of threats
    • Single blower platform supports by Decon operations and Infectious Disease applications
    • Blower delivers 7.5-8 CFM airflow – increased protection and comfort
    • Loose fitting PAPR requires no fit testing
    • Low voltage alarm (audible and visible) for increase safety
    • Available with non-rechargeable, rechargeable, and alkaline battery packs to increase readiness
    • Ergonomic, easily cleaned Quick-Loc belt comfortably supports the blower and provides tactile feedback upon blower engagement.
    • Integral battery pack eliminates snagging potential and improves deconability

    • Hospital infectious disease protection ranging from Tuberculosis to Ebola
    • Medical clinics dealing with infectious diseases
  • Technical Specifications

  • Accessories

    Conversion Kits – provide all necessary components to allow conversion to a CBRN configuration appropriate for hospital decon teams

  • Quality standards

    General description of quality

    All Sentinel XL products are NIOSH approved.  NIOSH approvals

  • Ordering information

  • FAQS

    Are the Sentinel head covers, clear hood and full hood latex free?


    Are conversion kits available to convert my Sentinel HP system to a PAPR designed for CBRN applications (decon teams)? 

    Yes, a conversion kit is available to which allows you to economically convert this system to a CBRN configuration.

    Why would I select an alkaline battery adapter?

    With the alkaline battery adapter you never have to worry about charging your PAPR.  You’re ready at a moments notice and you can convert back to a rechargeable battery configuration in less than a minute.

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