Pharma PAPRs

The Sentinel Clear PAPR offers state-of-the art respiratory protection for pharmaceutical personnel and other life science professionals.

Since 1947, ILC Dover has built a reputation designing and delivering high-performing softgood solutions for perilous environments. From outer space to the sterile clean rooms of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we continue to blaze trails with a broad portfolio of differentiated products.

This is especially true when it comes to respiratory protection for pharmaceutical personnel and life science professionals. ILC Dover’s Sentinel Clear™ Hood, combined with its XT blower, is a best-in-class powered air purifying respirator (PAPR hood) that delivers an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1,000 while offering superior comfort, visibility and mobility.

The Sentinel system offers these benefits:

  • Mission-critical protection from airborne particles and bioactive ingredients
  • Superior visibility with a 320-degree field of view
  • A clear, nonrestrictive hood to keep workers comfortable and productive
  • 12 hours of operation with 33% more airflow than other leading PAPRs

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Sentinel Clear™ PAPRs provide an ultra-wide field of view. Experience the difference yourself by requesting a Sentinel Clear Hood sample today.

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  • Features and Benefits

    • Unique Clear Hood provides 320 degree field of view – increased safety and comfort (APF 1,000)
    • Blower delivers 8+ CFM airflow – increased protection and comfort
    • NIOSH approved with HEPA, OV/AG/HE, and multi-gas filter options – single unit handles multiple range of applications
    • Lithium Polymer battery – lightweight system delivering 12 hours of operation
    • Ergonomic backharness and Quick-Loc™ belt options – supports range of user needs and preferences
    • Lightweight/Integrated System – at 2.2 lbs the integrated blower/LiPo battery is roughly half the weight of some competitive systems
    • Nonincendive blower configuration available for use in hazardous locations



    • Pharmaceutical operations
    • BioPharma operations
    • Dosage manufacturing
    • Quality assurance
    • Bulk Production
    • API Production
  • Technical Specifications

  • Quality standards

    All Sentinel XT products are NIOSH approved.  NIOSH approvals


    Sentinel XT Blower

    TC-21C-0901 (S-3112 Clear Hood, HE filters)

    TC-21C-0902 (S-3113 Full Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-2742 (S-3112 Clear Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-2743 (S-3112 Full Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-2841 (S-3112 Clear Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-23C-2842 (S-3113 Full Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-21C-0992 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-3241 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3242 (S-3112 Clear Plus Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))


    Sentinel XT/NI Blower (for use in hazardous locations – FM approved)

    TC-21C-0969 (S-3112 Clear Hood, HE filters)

    TC-21C-0970 (S-3113 Full Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-3093 (S-3112 Clear Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3095 (S-3112 Full Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3094 (S-3112 Clear Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-23C-3096 (S-3113 Full Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

    TC-21C-0991 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, HE filters)

    TC-23C-3239 (S-3324 Clear Plus Hood, OV/CD/CL/HC/HF/SD/HE filters)

    TC-23C-3240 (S-3112 Clear Plus Hood, combination cartridge (CL/HC/SD/CD/AM/MA/FM/HE))

  • Ordering information

  • FAQ

    Does the Sentinel XT provide an APF of 1,000?

    Yes – ILC has supplemental test data for our clear and full hoods demonstrating this protection level.


    Does the Sentinel XT blower come in a configuration suitable for hazardous locations?

    Yes – the Sentinel XT/NI is certified by Factory Mutual/FM Global Group for service in Class I, II, III and Division 2, Group C, D, E, F, G hazardous locations


    Does ILC Dover provide on-site training for this product?

    Yes – training is included for all ILC Dover respiratory protective products.


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