Anti-Static Drum Liners and Liners for FIBCs | L2 Liners

Anti-Static Drum Liners and Liners for FIBCs | L2 Liners

Certain bulk products pose a danger of combustion or flammability during filling and dispensing which require an L2 liner for safety and to prevent electrical discharge that could lead to a fire or an explosion.

ILC Dover’s anti-static liners are specially formulated with film additives that dissipate static charges away from potentially flammable products and eliminate dry chemical static cling.

Anti-Static Liners for FIBCs

Grayling™ form-fit anti-static liners are custom manufactured to your FIBCs dimensions. Grayling liners can be made with fill/discharge spouts designed to fit the exact dimensions of your equipment. This virtually eliminates the potential for dusting and leakage as well as speeding the fill and discharge process.

Anti-Static Liners for Drums

Grayling™ anti-static drum liners are available for 30 gal and 55 gal drums. Our drum liners extend the life of your drums and reduce or eliminate cleaning costs.

Why Anti-Static Liners?

Anti-static liners for FIBCS are used with dry flowable products that pose a danger of combustion or flammability. This form-fit eliminates wasted space and stress points in the liner and allows the FIBC to fill evenly. Because the FIBC fills more completely, the package is more stable and stacks better. This liner is used with Type C bulk bags or FIBCS.

Anti-static drum liners are commonly used to store paints, sealants, chemicals, powdered products, and adhesives. Liner materials available with migratory or permanent anti-static which can provide 3-5 years of shelf life. They feature an FDA compliant film and are EU 10/2011 compliant.


FIBC Bulk Linear Classifications

Liner Type

Anti-Stat Properties

Surface Resistivity




≤ 107 Ω




109 Ω to 1012 Ω

B, C & D


Resistive with low breakdown voltage (<4kV)

Greater than 1012 Ω



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