Large powder clump being broken down by the JetBreaker™ from ILC Dover

Jet Breaker is a semi-automated system for breaking up powder clumps and lumps to ensure superior mixing of powders in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications.

ILC Dover’s JetBreaker™ is designed for the deagglomeration of difficult-to-mix pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical powders. By rapidly reducing powder blocks to particles smaller than 10 mm, JetBreaker™ keeps processes moving, eliminates timely and manual delumping efforts, prevents damage to costly process valves, tanks, and other equipment, and ultimately protects the batch of finished pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical product. Moreover, once a biopharmaceutical powder goes through the JetBreaker™, it can freely flow into JetMixer system with rapid dissolution.

JetBreaker™ is available in explosion-proof/ATEX versions, offering GMP execution with CIP option.


  • Media & Buffer Mixing
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Ammonium Sulfide
  • Other Difficult-to-Mix Powders

The JetBreaker™ system


JetBreaker Brochure

Why JetBreaker™ from ILC Dover?

Efficient Solution

Quickly breaks up clumps into flowable granules to move them to the mixing process.

Superior Quality

High deagglomeration efficiency reduces powder blocks to particles smaller than 10 mm.

Convenient System

In-line or stand-alone unit offers a low footprint and directly connects with a reactor.

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