Passenger Airships

Passenger Airships

Flown in many countries, ILC Dover’s airships provide a high-profile advertising platform used successfully by The Lightship Group, Van Wagner Outdoor Advertising, and Zeppelin, which has a new partnership with Goodyear.

ILC Dover has produced more than 50 airships structures since 1995 to support the advertising and tourism industries.

ILC Dover’s Airship Features

  • More than 50 airship structures developed
  • Tight tolerances compatible with rigid superstructures
  • Certified and operated on multiple continents
  • Translucent multi-layer film laminate supports internally illuminated airships

Airship Experience

  • U.S. Navy
    ILC Dover developed and produced a 170,000-cu. ft. airship to serve as a test platform for the US Navy, under contract to the American Blimp Corporation. The airship, known as the MZ-3A, operated for more than four years.
  • The Lightship Group
    As part of ILC Dover’s airship development for The Lightship Group, we qualified a translucent multi-layer film laminate envelope for internally illuminated airships, which have been successfully operated on six continents.
  • Zeppelin
    ILC Dover fabricated the LZN07 220-foot-long airship envelope for Zeppelin designed to interface with a semi-rigid passenger airship structure. View this interactive video of the Zeppelin airship.
  • Goodyear Ships
    The new Goodyear ships incorporate ILC Dover’s envelope structure.

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