Xtrakt® System

Xtrakt® System

Boost profit and yield from your bulk liquid processing.

Xtrakt mitigates product loss while reducing processing time, environmental impact, and worker safety risks.

For products with a viscosity of 1-900,000 CPS

Gels & Creams

Syrups & Oils

Coatings & Adhesives

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Designed for High-to-Medium Viscosity Applications

Millions of dollars are lost annually due to scrapped product that cannot be extracted from disposable form-fit liners. On average, companies leave between 10 - 40 kg of viscous liquid product residual behind in bulk liners during dispensing operations. Xtrakt® is here to help you reduce residual product loss, leaving less than 2 kg of product in the liner.

Range of Viscosity

Xtrakt® extracts highly viscous fluids up to 900,000 cps.

Works with Existing Equipment

The Xtrakt® system has pneumatic controls and was designed to work with your existing pumps and plant air. It requires a minimum plant air source of 90 psig and a maximum of 120 psig.

Integrated system

The system’s innovative combination of dual-wall liners, powerful drive unit and mobile deployment cart were developed to work as an integrated system. Xtrakt® uses ILC Dover’s specially designed dual-wall liners that work with the system to extract the maximum amount of product. It is compatible with “top fill”/bottom discharge operation and with rigid IBC totes.

Operating Xtrakt®

Xtrakt® only requires one operator and requires minimal operator intervention. Once the drive unit is deployed with a simple press of the start button, the system requires no manipulation of the tote and liner, reducing labor associated with dispensing.
The drive unit automatically tensions the bag, then crawls along its length, continuing to present liquid to the pump to support full discharge. The drive unit follows the speed and operation of the discharge pump, starting and stopping along with the pump. The Xtrakt drive unit is designed to automatically shut down once it reaches the bottom of the liner.


Xtrakt® System Brochure

Why Xtrakt® Over Standard Liners or Air-Assist Liners?

• Greater Residual Reduction – 30% More on Average

• Increased Yield Per Tote

• Less Waste to Landfill

• Less Liner Manipulation

• No Heavy Residual to Lift

• Operated by a Single Person

• Safer operation than common practices of hanging liners or tilting totes with a fork lift to assist with product flow

• No inflated bladders to cut and deflate at the end of dispense

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